The following prescriptions can be downloaded and hand-written or filled and signed electronically, and are linked to our submissions page. Simply save the file once you have input your patient and appliance details, and click the logo on the prescription to send to the lab!

General Orthodontic Rx

Find your most common appliances in this prescription, such as hawleys, expanders, splints, and more. Also use this prescription for study models, whether you need traditional plaster or digitally printed resin.


Retainer Rx

Use this prescription to design custom hawleys. Choose from various labial bow and clasping options to match your treatment needs, and add acrylic colors and designs to keep your patients smiling. Need a little extra movement? Choose from a variety of springs to help finish your case perfectly. 


Metal Rx

This prescription can be used to order appliances such as expanders, holding and distalizing appliances, and more. Choose from a wide range of options ot ensure your appliance fits your treatment needs.



Pediatric Rx

Best for patients with deciduous teeth. This prescription contains options for common pediatric appliances, such as: transitional hawleys, habit breakers, expander, and holding appliances. 


Herbst / MARA Rx

Select from standard or cantilevered styles, and choose from a range of accessories and options. 


Functional Rx

Use this prescription for appliances have an active design. This can include things such as bionators, Frankels, schwarz plates, and more. 


Precision Aligners Rx

Create an order for series aligners  to align anteriors. Specify stripping values and teeth to reset, or let the lab determine the best course of alignment. 


Repair or Remake Rx

Describe any issues with a previous appliance, and determine how you would like us to fix the problem. This simplified prescription allows you to pinpoint problems, and avoid filling out a full prescription. The Repair prescription is also a great choice if you need to add to a current appliance, such as putting a bite plate on to an existing hawley. 



Our traditional paper prescription you would receive with a return case. You can write detailed explanantions of your appliances, and draw any pictures for reference!




You may need Adobe Acrobat DC Reader to view full capabilites of these documents.  You can download from Adobe for free, HERE.


For instructions or help on how to electronically sign documents, click HERE.