Mouthguards & Custom Trays

Specialty Sports Mouthguards Sports Mouthguards

·         High quality, laminated EVA material for medium and heavy-weight mouthguards (3-5 mm)

·         Over 25 color choices and designs—see color chart

·         Custom decals; custom stripes for sports teams

·         Helmet strap can be added


Proform™ Mouthguards Proform Mouthguards

·         Pressure formed 3mm soft vinyl

·         Hard lingual anterior support disc for added support

·         Can also be used as a bruxism splint

·         Helmet strap can be added

·         Constructed for upper arch only

·         Available in transparent or a variety of colors




Bleaching Trays Bleaching Trays

·         Pressure formed, soft vinyl

·         Reservoirs on labial and buccal surfaces to hold your bleaching agent

·         Constructed for upper or lower arch

·         The photos illustrate (1) the standard model preparation to create reservoirs in the bleaching trays and (2) the bleaching trays. 



Fluoride Trays Fluoride Trays

·         Pressure formed tray allows for a homogenous reservoir on all tooth surfaces

·         Reservoirs facilitate spacing for fluoride to ensure contact with all tooth surfaces

·         Custom fit for maximum comfort

·         Excellent for patients with high tooth sensitivity, exposed roots, and tissue recession

·         Constructed for upper or lower arch