We are happy to announce that we are now a member of the Leone LeoLab network! 


Leone is an international corporation, specializing in RPE screws and other outstanding orthodontic products. Since their inception in 1962, Leone has consistently produced products of the utmost quality, securing their place among international orthodontic suppliers. In 1993, Leone joined the OMA, Orthodontic Manufacturers Association, ensuring that their products met internationally recognized standards. Whenever you see the Leone name, you can rest assured knowing that you are buying some of the finest orthodontic products available!


LeoLab, a division of Leone, is a national network of local labs, working together to advance the standards of the orthodontic laboratory industry. To be accepted as a member of this prestigious group, an orthodontic lab must exhibit outstanding appliance quality, in addition to meeting high fabrication and customer service standards. This process ensures that your practice is consistenly presented with the best appliances we are able to create, and that your staff is treated with the professionalism they deserve. 


We at Precision Appliances are excited to be a member of this outstanding network of superior orthodontic laboratories. This close partnership with Leone will allow us to provide some of the best orthodontic product available on the market today to your office, at our own outstanding quality standards. Together with this international corporation, we can bring you the technology and expertise of a national lab, with the pricing and personal relationship of a local lab. 


For more information about the LeoLab network, or to find additional resources about their expansive product listing, please visit http://www.leolabusa.com/