Holding Appliances

Nance Holding Arch Nance Holding Arch

·         Stabilizing wire traverses the palate

·         Acrylic palatal button on wire adds stability

·         Acts as anchorage and prevents mesial movement of molars

·         Constructed for upper arch only







Bonded 3X3 Lingual Wire Bonded 3x3 Lingual Wire

·         Precise custom contoured lingual wire

·         Mesh pads are bonded to cuspids

·         Individual anterior teeth can be secured to wire with composite

·         Constructed for upper or lower anteriors








6X6 Lingual Arch 6x6 Lingual Arch

·         Lingual wire can be bent in ideal arch form or contoured to existing arch

·         Loops can be added for adjustment

·         Soldered arms can be added to prevent loss of space

·         Constructed for upper or lower arch