Your Expectations and Our Commitment

Delivery Guarantee

Your cases will arrive on time. Your due date is our top priority!


Our guarantee even applies to rush requests as long as the case is not due the same day it arrives in our lab or shipping restrictions prevent faster service.


Standard Fabrication vs. Rush Service

Our ‘Quick Reference Guide’ is the easiest and most reliable scheduling tool for your office.

Our guide gives exact turnaround times based on the appliance and your method of shipping. We want you to be able to schedule your patients for their follow up appointments without incurring unnecessary rush charges. Most appliances require 3 full working days in the lab; study models and functional appliances require 5 days.


When Your Case Will Be Returned

The “Date Needed” written on your prescription determines our return date to you; writing the patient’s actual appointment date is most helpful.


Cases sent via courier are typically scheduled to arrive the day before the ‘Date Needed’ unless we need to make delivery modifications for closed offices. Cases being returned via UPS or FedEx are scheduled.


Shipping Services


Connecticut practices use a reliable, overnight courier service for transporting cases. All other locations are sent cases via UPS and FedEx. You may send cases to the lab via FedEx, UPS, or Priority Mail; we can help you determine the fastest, most cost-effective service for your location.



Our appliances are guaranteed to fit your model. Every appliance is individually adjusted and inspected prior to shipping. In the rare case that an appliance does not fit a model to your satisfaction, your case will be remade at no charge. The ORIGINAL APPLICANCE and ORIGINAL MODEL, as well as the NEW MODEL or IMPRESSION must be returned to the lab to receive a remake at no cost. The lab cannot be responsible for appliances that fit the model but not the patient, so please inspect all models prior to sending for any distortion, air bubbles or palatal voids.



Our appliances are guaranteed for 90 days ..of normal wear; we take full responsibility for any problems resulting from the lab’s fabrication of an appliance. Appliances for repair must be returned with current models and wax bites, if applicable.


Payments and Discounts

We greatly appreciate your business and want to be part of your growing success. Customers are billed only once a month. You will receive a month-end statement with detailed invoices. Credit cards are accepted if your account is paid in full by the 15th of the month. We offer discounts to customers that send us work in greater volumes and frequency.